My son is deploying to Iraq and my youngest daughter is going to law school in the fall. My middle daughter just passed the bar exam and is relocating closer to home with her husband to be nearer to our daughter-in-law and grandson who is crazy about cars. My son wanted his two and a half year old son to have his favorite uncle (great role model) near him during his deployment.

Our law school bound daughter needed a new car so I traded in my SUV and her Chevy Cavalier (which she has driven ever since she was a teen) for two smaller Chevrolet Aveos on the day Zarqawi died so now we will get better gas mileage and be able to handle the great expense that is law school.

We are going to see the movie Cars today. Our grandson is crazy about cars and yesterday he spent an hour or so sitting with us in our new Aveos, listening to the soundtrack for Cars. Our only regret is that his Dad can’t be with him to see the movie for the first time because he is training for his deployment up in Wisconsin. But he will take him to see it again in a few weeks when he has leave.

Our grandson’s love of cars is genetic. On both sides of the family.


My husband and his ‘69 Corvette.


My Dad and one of the old cars he collects.


Inside my new car. No more gasoline guzzling cars for me for a while.