I went to see my sister in the country this morning. There’s nothing like the country. Something about the clean, simple way of life makes it easier to recognize the hokem produced by politicians…..especially those of the Democrat persuasion.


This is just to cover Bush’s (rear) so he doesn’t have to answer questions” about things in Iraq, said Rep. Pete Stark, second ranking Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee.

Nope. No one’s buying it Stark. Not Andy. Or Beau. Or anyone else in flyover country.

Well, maybe these people do.


This insurgency is such a confused mess that one person, dead or alive at this point, is hardly significant today,” said Rep. Jim McDermott, formerly the lead Democrat on the House ethics committee.

That’s a really anemic response. Right up there with….. “So’s your mother.”

No one believes you McDermott. You’re not believable even to Mr. Jones, Arrow or Spot.

Except perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Tinfoil.


The deceased, said Rep. Dennis Kucinich, a candidate for the 2004 presidential nomination, was a small part of “a growing anti-American insurgency.” He said the United States should get out of Iraq. “We’re there for all the wrong reasons.”

Growing anti-American insurgency? Well, there are at least two less terrorists in Iraq since last Thursday. Of course the MSM can always be depended upon to find the anti-American angle in any piece of good news so it must be the “growing insurgency” Kucinich is referring to. Whether or not media scribes believe Kucinich you can bet the average cow doesn’t buy it. Nor does the farmer who feeds that cow.

Here are some who apparently buy it.


Such was the reaction of the left wing of the Democratic Party to the killing of al-Qaida terrorist Abu Masab Zarqawi in Iraq.

Such was not the reaction of this gardener who jumped out of bed thrilled to hear that Zarqawi was dead.


It was not the dominant note sounded by Democrats. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and 2004 presidential nominee John Kerry all hailed the death of Zarqawi in unequivocal terms.

True……. if unequivocal also means, “kinda sorta.”

Michael Barone must have visited the country before because he too can recognize the smell of cow manure.

All of this does not go unnoticed by America’s voters. The persistence of violence in Iraq has done grave damage to George W. Bush’s job rating, and polls show that his fellow Republicans are in trouble. Yet when people actually vote, those numbers don’t seem to translate into gains for the Democrats. In 2004, John Kerry got 44 percent of the votes in the 50th district of California. In the April 2006 special primary, Democrat Francine Busby got 44 percent of the votes there. In the runoff last week, she got 45 percent and lost to Republican Brian Bilbray.

The angry Democratic left set the tone for the 2003-04 campaign for the party’s presidential nomination, and John Kerry hoped that it would produce a surge in turnout in November 2004. It did: Kerry got 16 percent more popular votes than Al Gore. But George W. Bush got 23 percent more popular votes in 2004 than in 2000.

In California’s 50th, both parties made mammoth turnout efforts, but the balance of turnout and of opinion seems to have remained the same, even though Democrats had a seriously contested primary for governor and Republicans didn’t. The angry Democratic left and its aiders and abettors in the press seem to have succeeded in souring public opinion, but they haven’t succeeded in producing victory margins for the Democrats. Maybe they’re doing just the opposite.

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