A UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter lands to extract Soldiers from the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, during an aerial traffic control point mission near Tal Afar, Iraq. Photo by Staff Sgt. Jacob Bailey.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero in Human Events online has written an article so full of truth that it’s difficult to select one specific paragraph. He’s presented various aspects of the liberal medias’ hatred of the military and attempts to discover why that is.

The media coverage of the U.S. military has generally been negative since the Vietnam War era. Some of the negative coverage of the Iraq War has intensified in scope because in addition to the medias dislike of the military many prominent journalists hate President Bush with a passion and have attempted in their coverage to bring down his administration.

Think Dan Rather. He and his former CBS producer Mary Mapes tried to tarnish President Bush’s honorable National Guard military service during the 2004 presidential election so as to affect the outcome. I predict that when/if John McCain runs against Hillary his extremely honorable military service (which is the most honorable aspect of his life) will be under attack.

Every six months or so, the liberal media search for any story that casts our soldiers in a bad light. Abu Ghraib was portrayed as indicative of almost the entire U.S. Army when, in fact, it consisted of less than 1/1000 %. Besides which, in the scheme of possible war atrocities, it doesn’t even rank. It was more uncouth behavior than atrocity.

The coverage of the Abu Ghraib scandal was political and aimed at hurting the standing of President Bush and his administration. I recall reading the laughable and ludicrous accusation that President Bush or Donald Rumsfeld had ordered the “torture.”

As soon as a scenario is found where our soldiers defended themselves from enemy fire, road bombs or check-point crashing cars, the media indict our boys, without first considering the circumstances which necessitated the shooting response. Guilty! Guilty until proven innocent.

One of the most egregious examples of biased media coverage occurred last year during the trial of 2nd Lt. Ilario Pantano.
Hot Air has an excellent interview with Pantano.

The media’s working hard to make Haditha a My Lai. This Mary Katharine Ham piece sets the record straight. Hat Tip: Lorie Byrd

In the mind of most of today’s smug liberals, our soldiers are rednecks — and rednecks, when let loose and not under control of “civilized” liberals, do what comes natural to rednecks — they act rednecky. Liberals feel that way since, in their parochial view, who would enlist and volunteer unless one is poor, has no chance for upward mobility, and has a tendecy and lust for violence?

It starts in elementary school. School counselors, principals and teachers instill in children early on the passivist philosophy that nothing is ever worth fighting for.

The MSM ignores this from DefenseLINK Newsbecause it doesn’t fit the template………. Taliban extremists have been implicated or have claimed responsibility for damaging more than 45 schools, assassinating teachers and intimidating school-aged children in the past year, military officials said.

So back to Rabbi Spero’s piece…….

The liberal moralizer needs to tear down the U.S. soldier as a way of guaranteeing that the soldier is never elevated to a more honored level in American life than is he, the liberal moralizer. Tear down the soldier and you destroy the honor we feel toward that soldier. Find anything to show you are better than the soldier so that you and your smug liberal friends can celebrate your superiority. Liberal media guys cannot abide that America has heroes who are not them.

The Media Research Center has proof that the media seeks out bad news. Hat tip: Blue Crab Boulevard

Our home-grown leftists must know how their 24/7 finger pointing and accusations are endangering the lives of our boys. Perhaps that is why they do it, not to mention a desire to humiliate our military and cause the defeat of the U.S. They have become accessories to and instruments for death.

It is deliberate.