It’s Bush’s Fault that young merchant marines are inspired by him.

I was sick all night. Let’s just suffice it to say that I WAS SICK ALL NIGHT. I’m not much better now but I am sick of the bed. I am also convinced that it’s President Bush’s fault.

After all, I got this illness most likely from the water and everyone knows about the war on water the Bush administration has pursued for the past six years.

My grandson had the same awful stomach virus last week and I was around him because (of course) I always want to be around him and I’m sure that’s the president’s fault too. He’s always talking about family values and compassionate conservativism. I’ve got that in spades when it comes to my grandson.

What I am really upset with President Bush about is that it’s going to be difficult traveling to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding this weekend. We leave tomorrow because there are lots of festivities. The thing is, my cousin works for the Sierra Club and is a committed lib. Sweet but a liberal.

And it’s going to be hard to be at my best while running a fever. Well, maybe it will go away. But it’s obviously Bush’s fault.

Hugh Hewitt has another example of Bush being at fault.