I finally got to see Cars today after having waited a few weeks. We were originally going the first weekend the movie was out but the theater was sold out so we decided to wait until our son could get home on leave to see it with his wife, and their son. So a bunch of us went today and it was well worth waiting for. Cars was unique, original, fun and heart-warming. I loved it.

The movie brought back memories of my growing up years. I remember my Dad’s 48′ Chevy. He had it until I left for college and I learned how to drive in it. Daddy had other cars but the 48 Chevy was like a family pet.


My youngest brother had a fifty Merc when he was a teen and he spent many hours restoring it. He finally had the Merc in perfect shape inside and out but the first time he drove it (to church) an elderly man backed (slammed) into it in the church parking lot. My brother was so frustrated. All the work he had done on that car and an old man had ruined it in an instant.

A (sort of) similar thing happened to me this past Friday. The day started badly when I discovered that our brick mailbox had been hit overnight.

Later in the day I was following my daughter and son-in-law up to their apartment in Northwest Arkansas to get their remaining household goods and to clean the apartment.

We were driving up Interstate 540 and ahead of us some idiot was transporting a refrigerator in his pickup truck and the refrigerator fell out. The pickup was just a few cars ahead of my daughter and her husband so they had to do some fancy maneuvering to avoid a collision and I also managed to slow down and avoid hitting anyone from behind.

I wasn’t as lucky however. Or maybe I was. There are two ways of looking at any issue. An old full sized van was following me too closely and I saw it barrelling towards me in my rearview mirror. I swerved over to the right a little and it followed right after me and boom, it hit me.

I always get very calm in an emergency so I just kept my cool and got into the far right lane and when we were off the bridge I was able to pull over. After I pulled off to a safer area I got out to see the damage to my new car. (I have just had it for two weeks)

There were no dents at all, only a scratch the size of my fingernail. The man who hit me stopped and we exchanged insurance information and phone numbers. Tomorrow I will take my car in to see if there is any structural damage but I’m thinking there isn’t any.

I have very little pain in my back or neck so I am really lucky. Friday was a very creepy day. But it’s over.

So, today I am appreciating the 5 Star Safety Rating the Aveo claims. And I absolutely loved the movie, Cars. It was like being young again, riding with my brothers and sister in the back of the old black 48 Chevy Coupe. Traveling up the highways before there was an interstate. Or radio stations or tape players or air conditioners. Cars had that old spirit and innocence.

Vice President Cheney was very well received at a NASCAR race this weekend. Hat tip: Lorie Byrd