Here is a video of Kevin Cosgrove’’s last call. It was hosted at Hot Air but that video has been removed. I found another one. It’’s hard to listen to.

The recording was played at the Moussaoui trial which is why we now have access to it. The video”’’s hard to listen to (and watch) but it”’’s an important reminder of why we are sending young men and women to fight Islamic terror.

Some are actively turning their heads, pretending 911 never happened and even blaming it on our own government but Kevin Cosgrove reminds us it did happen.

That this moonbat could call Kevin Cosgrove and his fellow employees Nazis is unbelievable.

And now an islamic convert professor is teaching a course about 9/11 being an inside job at the University of Wisconsin. Sick.

UPDATE: The Anchoress has posted about Kevin Cosgrove and makes this important point……

While you’re watching, be cognizant of the fact that if those planes had struck the WTC 15 minutes later, the enemy might have managed to kill, not 3,000, but 30,000. And that would have pleased them just fine. Realize that there is an enemy out there that doesn’t want anything from us, not land, not money, not concessions…they simply want us dead.

A daughter of a friend of mine worked at The World Trade Center and has a riveting account of her experience here.