Good Lord. This is not art.

Photographer Jill Greenberg has whipped up a storm of controversy with her new exhibition, End Times. The pictures in the show, for which she deliberately provoked tearful outbursts from children by taking away lollipops she had just given them, have been described by some as tantamount to child abuse.

How did you come up with the idea for the project?

I saw this little girl who’d come to a party with her mom, and she was beautiful, so I thought it might be interesting to photograph her. When they came to my studio, the mother brought along her toddler son, and I decided to shoot him too. We took off his shirt because it was dirty. He started crying on his own, and I shot that, and when I got the contact sheets back I thought, “This could go with a caption, ‘Four More Years,’” like he was appalled at George Bush’s reelection. The images have a real power—they immediately get under your skin. The emotion you see is just so compelling, yet they’re beautiful at the same time. That was one of the things that interested me about the project—the strength and beauty of the images as images. I also thought they made a kind of political statement about the current state of anxiety a lot of people are in about the future of the country. Sometimes I just feel like crying about the way things are going.

Thomas Hawk writes……..

The ethics of photography are by no means simple — shooting strangers, permissions, capturing pain and suffering, many different subjects require that photographers think through their ethics before coming up with the best way to make and display their work. There are a lot of gray areas and a lot of different opinions on many different areas of what should be captured and what should not be captured. I generally fall into the camp of just about anything ought to be ethical for capture assuming it’s natural and the photographer is working as a witness, bystander, artist, photojournalist, citizen journalist, etc.

But what Jill Greenberg is doing makes me want to throw up. And it shouldn’t be allowed. I’m torn about even posting this post because she is obviously using her art as an excuse to do something horrible and is looking for publicity and response and that’s exactly what I’m giving her here. But I’m hoping that through others being made aware of what she is doing that somehow pressure might be borne to stop it from happening.

Just looking at this gallery of crying children brings tears to my eyes.

What kind of cold hearted moonbattery could drive a person to do such a thing? I suspect it’s more than Bush Derangement Syndrome. No doubt Greenberg wants to make some cold cash from her work and has succeeded in getting the attention she wants based on her reasons for doing it. Sick.

It should be common knowledge that it’s wrong to abuse kids for any reason, political or otherwise. Greenberg obviously hasn’t received the memo.

It’s abuse, plain and simple. I am sick of the word “art” being hijacked by moonbat idiots who have not one drop of talent in their bodies. Just hate.

If the Republicans win in November what will Greenberg do? Based on what she’s done so far I hate to even imagine.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin