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Naveed Afzal Haq, a Muslim of Pakistani descent with some history of mental illness and a permit (?) to carry a gun went on a shooting rampage in Seattle, Washington yesterday. He shot a receptionist and five others, then had the receptionist call 911, and while claiming he had hostages, the self-described Muslim-American told the officers on the phone that he wanted the weapons out of Israel.

Recently he was arrested for exposing himself to women at a mall.

In March of this year, he climbed up on a raised coin fountain inside Kennewick’s Columbia Center mall and began “catcalling” women at the makeup counter at the nearby Macy’s store, said Lisa Beaton, a Kennewick city prosecutor. When young women walked by his perch, Haq unzipped his pants and allegedly flashed his penis at them, Beaton said.

Haq, 30, was charged with lewd conduct — a gross misdemeanor — and was scheduled to stand trial in Benton County District Court on Thursday. But the trial was postponed, said Haq’s attorney, Larry Stephenson, because Stephenson had to try a different case in another courtroom.

We believe it’s a lone individual acting out his antagonism,” said David Gomez, who heads the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts in Seattle.

“Acting out his antagonism? What is wrong with that statement besides being pre-school teacher lingo? A three year old “acts out” his antagonism when he bites another three year old.

Why is it so hard for the FBI or any federal authorities to respond to the evil deeds done by the jihadis amongst us with honesty? Why are they so afraid of calling it what it is? I’m tired of seeing these white-bread responses from the authorities to obvious attacks by Islamists. It’s like hearing the equivalent of soothing, banal, Muzak coming out of their mouths.

Nutty religious wackos can hate just as fiercely as political extremists and as we learned yesterday lone wolf jihadis can also kill. I have a feeling that the authorities fear an anti-Muslim response more than they fear the threat of Islamic attacks. Do they distrust Americans that much? David Gomez heads the FBI’s counterterrorism efforts in Seattle but he sounds more like Police Chief Charles Moose.

First Haq allegedly exposed himself to women and then he shot five of them. What’s up with that? A religion that treats females as inherently evil by forcing them into the backseats of cars, requiring them to cover their bodies completely, and executing them if they smile at any unrelated male is not in reality a “religion of peace.”

Roger Simon’s reaction in Seattle……….

I have to admit I am beginning to view the whole world as a battlefield, a far cry from my outlook during my more traditionally liberal “give peace a chance” days. So I wince when I see various rightthinking folk putting the squeeze on Israel for a cease fire, because I have no reason to believe that spells anything but disaster. Hezbollah, a collection of vastly better armed and better trained religious psychopaths with the exact same values and attitudes as the Seattle Pakistani, will simply take the opportunity to resupply and attack again. Why wouldn’t they? It’s what they are sworn to do and what they believe. God told them it’s so.

And yet Israel is expected to stand down. After all, they are the superior “developed” nation. The grown-ups. Actually the whole thing is inherently racist on two levels at once. Jews are treated anti-Semitically (differently from other nations) and the Arabs are treated as irresponsible “Wogs”, children essentially. These two are incapable of solving their own problems. Only a multi-national force will save the day.

Andrew McCarthy writes that it couldn’t be more clear that it is terrorism…..

This is militant Islam in action, but we don’t want to think or talk about Islam, so we’ll pretend that the fact he’s a Muslim is irrelevant (”terrorists come in all shapes and sizes” is the official PC postion of government), and if we can’t attach a known group to the shooter we’ll close our eyes to the fact that he might have reason the understand that his religion impelled him to act.

Jim Miller writes about the Jihadi enablers among us……

Fortunately, I had finished my lunch when I came across this Seattle Times headline, which says that I should be eradicated.

Eradicate those who have put us in the Middle East

The headline was for a letter from a reader, Mark Lemmon. The last paragraph, which apparently inspired the headline, reads as follows:

Yes, we Americans have our own problems: We need to weed out these neocons and their globalist conspirators! It’s wake-up time because the alternative is World War III.

Hugh Hewitt notices the media Not Terrorism Meme……..

Five weeks ago seven would-be terrorists, home grown division, were arretsed in Miami. Their stories have largely vanished from the news.

Seven weeks ago 17 would-be terrorists, come grown/Canada division, were arrested in Toronto. Their stories have largely vanished from the news.

So in less than two months we have 25 arrests of terrorists intent on killing in the US, only one of whom succeeded, but the successful one is described by the home town paper as “having a history of mental illness” and the others have dropped off the list of MSM-approved topics for coverage.

Can we agree that all terrorists have some degree of mental illness? Can we also agree that it is completely and utterly irrelevant to the victims of their crimes?

What we need to know –and what the American MSM seems profoundly uninteretsed in– is where did they come from? What made them terrorists?

Let me also raise the possibility that there are many, many more where the 25 came from, but that we don’t know where or how to look for them. Instead of thinking through how such a search can be accomplished without infringement on civil liberties, elite media –the New York Times and Los Angeles Times to be very specific– are busy hobbling our few non-intrusive investigative techniques.

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