For two years I’ve operated the Wide Awake Cafe and it’s been a lot of fun! Here’s my first entry and the reason why I named this blog The Wide Awake Cafe.
History behind the Wide Awake Cafe

The cyber Wide Awake Cafe is but a shadow of the actual Cafe. The real Wide Awake Cafe was a corner cafe downtown owned by Greek immigrants. My grandparents had a dry-cleaning shop a few doors down from the Wide Awake and my mother and I would join my grandmother there for coffee. Of course, I was too young for coffee but the Wide Awake served cream in miniature clear glass tumblers. The red -headed lady who always waited on us made sure that I had two of the little tumblers of cream.

I savored every little sip of the cream as I listened to my mother and grandmother’s conversations.

The cafe no longer exists but the Greek family that owned it is still in the food business. They don’t serve cream in miniature glass tumblers anymore but now I am able to drink the coffee. So I name my blog the The Wide Awake Cafe in honor of those long ago days.