Hezbollah supporters place a banner showing US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and reading in Arabic: “The massacre of children in Qana 2, is the gift of Rice. The clever bombs..Stupid,” in downtown Beirut.

John Hinderaker of Powerline has some questions about the too quickly appearing 30 foot banner in downtown Beirut denouncing Secretary of State Rice after the Qana attack took place Sunday morning.

What seems odd about this is that the banner was unfurled within hours after the Qana attack took place. The building where the civilians died was bombed on Sunday morning, and the demonstration took place during daylight hours, later the same day. I have no idea what kind of facility it takes to produce a 30-foot-high banner like this one.

Jonah Goldberg also has questions and some pertinent points made by readers knowledgeable about printing.

In addition so far, only 26 bodies have been recovered. So much for the parade of dead babies on CNN Sunday.

And speaking of CNN many are wondering how such a large banner could have been produced so quickly. I recall a story told to me by my husband about Somalian protesters being handed anti-American banners and posters by Europeans who appeared to be working for CNN. Does that organization have the ability to produce the banners?

I wouldn’t put anything past the tricky Nics.

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