I’m at a loss to understand why some prominent conservative thinkers are seemingly shrugging their shoulders and jumping onto the McCain-Lieberman 2008 bandwagon. Some are of the opinion that McCain-Lieberman would make a good Republican team for the 2008 Presidential election..

I couldn’t disagree more. While John McCain served honorably during the Vietnam War that was what?…..Thirty something years ago. There have to be more achievements in his record of public service to compel conservatives to rally around him. I don’t see any. I have noticed that McCain has been on a very quiet tour through the Bible Belt, trying to make up for those uncalled for, hateful comments about Christians he made in the 2000 primaries.

I for one am not buying his apology tour but that’s not the only problem I have with the “maverick” Senator. The McCain-Feingold campaign finance regulation and his membership in the gang of fourteen (gatekeepers to the Supreme Court) are just two examples why McCain has been anything but a loyal Republican so I’m surprised that any Republicans or conservatives are even considering his candidacy.

While he’s sometimes amusing on Imus, McCain’s not a very dynamic public speaker unless one uses him as a sleep aid. He spoke at our daughters’ graduations from the University of Oklahoma two years ago and was quite underwhelming.

I have the utmost respect for Michael Barone and Austin Bay but I really disagree with their thinking on the idea of a John McCain - Joe Lieberman ticket. Why go for the cynical when we can have the Giuliani?

Rudy Giuliani has been my pick for President in 2008 ever since 911 and like Roger Simon I viewed his appearance on Hannity and Colmes the other night.

Rudy was very impressive. Forget George Allen, John McCain and every other wannabe Republican nominee. I predict today that the 2008 Republican nominee will be Rudolph Giuliani.

Yes, I am pro-life and more conservative in my social views than Rudy appears to be. But in these perilous times we need a man who understands the dangers we face in the ongoing war against Islamo Fascism. Rudy’s already proven he’s a man of fortitude with a big heaping of, yes, that old word, gravitas. Rudy understands that Americans want their civil liberties but the number one civil liberty is “Life.” Without that we no longer exist as a nation.

I propose a Giuliani - Romney ticket. As a southerner I understand my part of the country very well and I know we will support a Giuliani-Romney ticket in a New York Minute.

Roger Simon writes…….

Sheryl and I watched Rudy Giuliani tonight on Hannity & Colmes and were impressed. The two hosts, both of whom rate way up on the blowhard platitude scale, seemed to keep their mouths relatively shut for once, sensing they were in the presence of man with a certain amount of real, even good-humored, gravitas.

As of now, Giuliani appears to be leading in the polls for the Republican nomination and for the presidency. But every time I post about that, a number of people, usually more traditionally conservative types, jump on here to point out how Rudy will never win the nomination, that his views on abortion, gay rights, etc. are too liberal or that his private life (as opposed to JFK’s, FDR’s, Eisenhower’s, etc. ad nauseum) is too louche for the Republican faithful.

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