So where did they think we were keeping them? In the Heidelberg Castle? The dungeon at Neuschwanstein? In Pinch Sulzberger’s private bathroom? Sandy Berger’s socks?

Were the 14 terrorism suspects kept in Afghanistan or Iraq?

I don’t really care where they were kept as long as they were prevented from committing any more terrorists acts but the MSM and the Democrats are really stressed about it.

The New York Times did their best to place President Bush’s powerful speech yesterday in the worst possible light.


David Scull for The New York Times

Couldn’t the New York Times photographer do better than this? Why is the photo centered in such a way?

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush acknowledged for the first time on Wednesday that some foreign terrorism suspects have been held by the CIA outside the United States.

Bush defended a CIA program to interrogate top terrorism suspects, saying they were a vital source of information.

“Our security depends on getting this kind of information,” Bush said. The CIA prison program was reported by a newspaper last year, sparking international criticism of the Bush administration.

Bush said the U.S. has moved 14 key terrorism suspects held in secret CIA prisons to military control, while the Pentagon banned a series of what it called abusive interrogation tactics for all detainees.

The 14 suspects were transferred to Pentagon control for prosecution at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where the military already holds roughly 445 prisoners.

A Bush administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the announcement was an acknowledgment of the existence of the CIA program to interrogate high-value terrorism suspects.

Up to now, the U.S. government has not officially acknowledged the existence of the CIA prisons, which were revealed by the Washington Post last year, sparking international criticism of the Bush administration.

Hugh Hewitt writes about why the President’s speech yesterday was so important.

I think one important thing President Bush accomplished in his speech yesterday was to announce to Islamic terrorists everywhere that we are getting intelligence from captured Islamic terrorists and if they are caught we will also get important intelligence from them.

In this article the writers of the Washington Post grudgingly admit that President Bush has managed to forcefully shift the argument, catching critics off-guard.

To the chagrin of the Harry Reid/John Murtha/John Kerry/ appeasers in the Democrat Party our counter-intelligence efforts have and will continue to save American lives.

President Bush also challenged the Congress to pass legislation for military tribunals so we can deal with the Abu Zubaidas of the world of terror. It now makes it very difficult for the Democrats to oppose that legislation.

From the Washington Post……

Bush said the CIA had used an “alternative set of procedures” to question the men because they were trained to resist interrogations, and that these procedures — which he did not detail — had borne fruit.

ALLAPUNDIT has more on the details of the legislation the President is demanding the Congress pass.