As sad as today has been, one thing I’ve noted throughout the special ceremonies and Remembrances of the day is that the officials featured were members of the Bush administration, the 9/11 victims families, Rudolph Giuliani, and Lady Margaret Thatcher. How elegant she looked and what a perfect visitor for Americans to receive today from the United Kingdom.

The grownups have been out today and have behaved with dignity, grace and kindness. When I watched President Bush visiting with the families of the lost at the Pentagon it brought tears to my eyes. He lingered to speak to each one and gave and received many hugs.


President Bush hugs an unidentified woman as he greets friends and family members of victims at the Pentagon shortly after he laid a wreath marking the fifth anniversary of the terrorist attacks Monday, Sept. 11, 2006 in Washington.

I’ve been thinking as I’ve watched the ceremonies today that it must really bother the left that they haven’t played much of a prominent role but I think it’s fitting considering that they can’t be trusted to behave themselves.

The left are just like bratty children, who, when they have an audience, can be expected to throw a temper tantrum.

They can’t just pause for one day and bow their heads to show compassion to the grieving widows, widowers, mothers, fathers, children and friends of the 2966 victims of September 11th, 2006.

Dean Barnett ventured over to the left side of the blogosphere and the Kos Kids seem to be really angry.