American Pop Culture began in the 1920s when American women started wearing red lipstick, smoking became popular and one of the favorite pastimes was Flagpole Sitting. Throughout the last century we went from one crazy fad to the next. Pet rocks, bell-bottoms, streaking, Cabbage Patch Kids, and funny slogans like, “Where’s the beef” enjoyed popularity for a time.

Americans also experiment with religion. New Age was all the rage for a while, then the news was dominated by strange happenings like “crop circles” but now, it seems some Americans (and Europeans) are yearning for something a little more strict and structured.

Believe it or not, some Americans suffer from BDS so badly that they are willing to give up our American freedoms and government in order to live in an Islamic state. Some in Great Britain are even calling for a Caliphate.

A Caliphate is not a fad we can play with and then cast off when we tire of it. It’s not a pet rock or a Muppet or even an Apple Computer. It’s a deadly serious threat to all of Western Civilization and not something any sensible person would ever want to live under or in.

Especially those of us who love Project Runway.

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