My brother is coming home today for leave before he too departs for Iraq.

When we were kids we used to play “war” in our back pasture with our neighborhood gang. Somehow my brother was always the Captain. Always the leader.


My brothers playing extras in the movie, Tuskegee Airmen.

My brother is married, the father of two daughters, and grandfather of one little girl. He’s a great brother, son, husband, father and grandfather.


My brother teaching a fourth grade class about Jefferson Nickels and the United States Mint.

My brother enlisted in the National Guard at the age of 18. Later, after he graduated from college he went active duty and is now a Sergeant Major.


He’s very close to our youngest brother who is eight years younger than him. He also joined the National Guard and they both deployed to the Gulf War in 1991.


The annual host of our family Christmas Eve, my brother will leave us on our own this year.


He loves traveling, baseball, football, military history, coin collecting and being with his family. I’m so glad he is coming home before he leaves.