They are not.

Why would I sit out the vote this November?

I can’t think of any reason whatsoever.

My son and brother just deployed to Iraq. Their deployments will last one year. Now, more than ever, President Bush and the U.S. military need a strong Congress to support them in their mission. Why would I sit at home pouting because the Republican Congress let me down on some issues?

Any Republican or conservative who could even contemplate sitting out Novembers election during a time of war (knowing it could result in a Democrat takeover) cannot be thinking clearly.

Up til now the Democrats have done their best but have only been able to hurt the troops by their words. If they win the House of Representatives in November they will do everything in their power to pull the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. In essence, Democrats want to take us back to the pre-911 Paper Tiger State Osama bin Laden found so compellingly weak.

I don’t want to even imagine what would happen in Iraq.

Everything is at risk if Democrats take back the Congress. Our courts, the War on Terror and even the economy. Just in case anyone reading this post doesn’t know, the Dow just passed a record high of 12,000 today. Median incomes are doing great.

I am one of the so-called “evangelicals” the Democrats and their media minions have been trying hard to convince that the Republican Party is the party of corruption and closeted gays.

Fat chance.

If the Republican Party was composed completely of fat, geeky, short, frumpy, hypocritical, bad dressers, I would still vote for them over the Democrats, as long as they support President Bush and the War on Terror.

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