Asa’s got Mike Beebe’s goat.

The new ad put out by Asa Hutchinson’s Campaign is a hoot. Very well done and the reason why it upsets Mike Beebe (Asa’s opponent) is because it hits a nerve. Beebe did have state workers use state computers for campaign purposes. Beebe’s hidden behind kids in his educational ads. He’s a long-time Democrat Good Ole Boy and a well-known flip flopper.

Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mike Beebe on Monday said Republican Asa Hutchinson should pull a television advertisement that features 15 children calling Beebe a waffler, a back-slapper and a flip-flopper.

The 30-second ad, first aired by Hutchinson during the weekend, begins with one child saying, “When I grow up” and another adding, “I want to be a politician.”

The camera cuts to several different children, who say:

“A waffler.”

“A back slapper.”

“A flip flopper.”

“Pander to special interests.”

The ad ends with a child saying, “Just like Mike Beebe.”

Hutchinson on Monday called the ad light-hearted, but Beebe said he didn’t find anything humorous about the spot.

“It’s a shame that you’d use kids and hide behind kids in that way,” Beebe told reporters at a rally in Little Rock. “If he’s got something to say he needs to say it himself.”

Beebe has been running what Hutchinson calls a “a dark, somber and frightening” ad criticizing Hutchinson’s role as undersecretary at the federal Department of Homeland Security. Beebe’s spot blames Hutchinson for an influx of illegal immigrants into the country.

Hutchinson said he saw no harm in involving children in the ad, even though they have lines rarely heard from the mouths of babes.

“Children enjoy the opportunity to engage in this,” Hutchinson said. “It’s a fair ad.”

The spot is not the first time either nominee has featured children in their television ads, but it’s the first when either has used children to criticize their opponent.

Later in the ad, the children suggest that Beebe - the state’s attorney general - has been campaigning on state time and takes both sides on every issue.

Beebe said using children in a negative ad is different from using them when talking about education or other issues in the campaign. He also disagreed with Hutchinson’s characterization of his ads as dark.

“He’s got a different sense of humor than I’ve got. … So he’s a critic now of ads,” Beebe said. “I don’t think ads with children in it like that is humorous and I think it’s pretty shameful.”

Hutchinson spokesman David Kinkade later said the campaign has no plans to pull the TV ad.

Kinkade would not reveal the children’s ages nor say whether they were found through a talent agency.

“The single most vicious negative attack ad in this campaign has been run by Mike Beebe,” Kinkade said. “For Mike Beebe to suddenly get up in arms over a light-hearted ad that pokes fun at him is the height of hypocrisy.”