Andrew Sullivan - Cry habeas corpus and let slip the dogs of war.

Hugh Hewitt is attempting to interview Andrew Sullivan about his new book, The Conservative Soul. This interview is turning out to be like some kind of weird car chase. I want to listen but find it sort of disturbing. It’s awkward. Andrew Sullivan must be having some kind of panic attack.

It’s pretty clear that Sullivan must have heard about Hugh’s killer reputation as a questioner. (relentless interrogator) He’s loaded for bear and refusing to answer Hugh’s softball questions about his book and instead, is responding to Hugh’s questions with accusations, filibustering with all his might. His behavior is nothing short of bizarre.


Now Sullivan’s complaining about the advertisements on Hugh’s show. He’s trying to draw Hugh into a debate.


Good Lord, Sullivan’s a gasbag. He claims to be happy, then calls Hugh pedantic and pathetic.

Do happy people attack others on nation-wide radio?


Hugh’s playing cheesy, cheerful music to cheer Andrew up. Andrew denies he is unhappy, then insults Hugh again.

When Hugh tells Andrew that his book is an intellectual mess he giggles.


How long is this thing going on?


Now Hugh’s attempting to get Andrew to discuss gay marriage. Andrew is for it of course. He claims the founders intended for courts to dictate to legislatures. He contends it’s a conservative notion to grant marriage rights to gays. He’s lecturing Hugh about the history of gays.

Hugh questions Andrew about the Massachusetts Supreme Court. He asks, “is the court out of control by arrogating to itself the lawmaking power.”

Andrew’s response? More attacks on Hugh.

Haha. Hugh’s losing patience. He closed the segment stating, “We’ll be back with more sophistry.” I like that word…..sophistry.


They’re back. Andrew makes an admission. He’s having fun. He likes debating. (you could have fooled me) Hugh sticks with the interview…..lots of legal questions about legislation. Doesn’t Bush respect the constitution more than the legislature?

Andrew makes a sort of admission that yes he does. But says we have an opportunity to stop the attack on our liberties by voting for Democrats. Keeps asking Hugh if he believes in torture.

He thinks President Bush believes in all monarchical power. Hugh says he’s not much of a monarchist if he steps down after the end of his second term.

Andrew states that Habeas Corpus no longer holds in this country. He claims the executive branch is torturing people for the sake of torturing.

Hugh wants to understand the definition of what a Christianist is? Sullivan answers, saying that Christianists have a faith in ideology instead of Christ and that being a democrat means they cannot be a Christian. Anyone who uses religion to get people to vote.

End of segment.


Hugh asks Andrew if he has any doubt about the benefits of same sex marriage. Andrew seriously doubts that it will do any harm.

He has no doubt that President Bush has suspended Habeas Corpus.

Hugh says the main principle of Sullivan’s book would cause him to flunk any Constitutional Law Class at any Lawschool in the country.

Andrew says the word, Christian is too crude a term.

And with that we end. Andrew Sullivan is a very difficult person.

UPDATE: James Lileks is also giving Hugh a bad time. He claims to be happy too. He’s yelling at Hugh about his meteorological shortcomings and is accusing Hugh of supporting tornadoes.

This is so rich. It tastes even better than supper did tonight. Simply and basically it’s cold in Minnesota and tornadoes could sweep Lileks away to an alternate world where Superman has a beard.