We’ve come a long way from the political ads of the sixties. I always hated political season because in those long ago days there were only three channels on the television and politicians bought up the time for their very lame, home-made commercials. It seemed like a month before the election there was nothing on television but politics.

I cringe when I remember those weeks of exciting programs featuring Orval Faubus and Wilbur Mills. Back then the political campaign advertisements ran for fifteen minutes. (In the sixties Soap Operas were also fifteen minutes long.)

Fifteen minute political pitches followed by more fifteen minute political pitches ensured that kids stayed outside playing and running around. I remember rolling my eyes and gritting my teeth when I changed the channel and it was all there was on television. (No remote controls back then either.)

During the fifties, sixties and seventies Arkansas was a one party state. Everyone was a Democrat including my own father. I remember one of the political rallys Daddy took us to was for Jim Guy Tucker, the disgraced former governor whose criminal behavior was discovered during the Clinton Whitewater investigation.

I remember my maternal grandmother betrayed her disdain by rolling her eyes when she heard about our attending Tucker’s rally. My grandmother was a Republican from a Yankee Republican family and was never swayed by Democrat thought. She was an officer in the local Republican Womens Club and always worked at precincts during elections.

We’ve come a long way from those days but election season still makes me roll my eyes. Politics should illuminate but in many cases it just brings brick bats and mud slinging.

So it’s funny that this fund has fallen short.