John Kerry’s stabbed the U.S. military in the back again. I find it interesting that the man is now claiming (after first issuing a hate-filled rant refusing to apologize) that his remarks were an awkward attempt to make a joke about President Bush but he left out two words.

I don’t know why anyone would ask for Kerry to apologize for his statement because it would mean nothing.

Kerry ought to resign.

What he said last night was nothing new. He’s accused our troops of being terrorists before. Now he is accusing them of being ignorant, lazy and uneducated.

How does that make the American troops feel? It sure makes me heartsick. But the man is lying about the military. The U.S. military, from PFC to General is full of highly intelligent, very well educated individuals. They truly are the best and brightest of our country and what’s more, they are physically brave. Duty, Honor, Country are more than words to the troops.

I can’t blog anymore about it now because I have to go carve a pumpkin but John Kerry is a despicable man. He should be forced to resign.

I guess men who have no charisma or good looks sometimes get stuck in marriages with rich chicks.