So, how did the conversation at our Thanksgiving feast go?

There were oohs and ahhs over the turkey, which was specially prepared by Mr. Norman, my daughter-in-law’s Dad. I have heard of his reputation for quite a few years and he certainly lived up to it. The smoked turkey and ham were scrumptious and Mr. Norman’s dressing was tasty, light, exquisite, perfect, sumptuous….just a few of the family’s descriptive words.


My recipe box holds all the treasures I have prepared for my family over the years. This year I made Kentucky Derby Pie, Finger Rolls, Scalloped Corn, and Cherry Pie.

This was the first Thanksgiving we were joined by our family from Louisiana and hopefully it will become a new tradition. We all gathered together to bring cheer to each other in the absence of our son, and my brother, who both managed to partake of a Thanksgiving feast in Iraq.

After that feast we went over to my brother and sister-in-law’s house for more. Some of us just visited and sipped apple cider while the heartiest among us sampled more of the Thanksgiving fare. My sister challenged me to taste her chocolate cream pie and yes it was the best I have ever had. It went on this way all day long until five p.m.


Back we went to our daughter-in-law and son’s house for dessert. All kinds of pies, cakes, candy and pastries were beckoning us and most of us gladly gave in to the temptation. There was even a warm banana pudding.


This was not the Thanksgiving Horse, Jack, but resembles him.

The day wasn’t quite as unpredictable as it was a few Thanksgivings ago when we had a horse come to visit. Jack was a six year old stud horse. He was riding by with his handler, and we ran out to see him so he turned around and came in the yard so we could visit. All the dogs and cats were very excited. Horses, just like people, cats and dogs, are always welcome at our house.


The cows Maine will not speak to.

Our niece, Maine among other things, mused about cows. She had come home from college and stayed up in the hills with her parents. She took a lot of walks in the country and stopped along the way to see the cows. She decided this year that it is hypocritical for her to be friendly to cows as she does enjoy a hamburger occasionally.


Enjoying the fall weather a few weeks back.

Because the weather was beautiful the kids went outside to play. Some played tennis while others just ran around the yard.

There was talk about the war of course and this time it was more personal. The conversation was much lighter because it brought some tears to eyes. Football was the biggest topic of the day. Everyone was hoping Notre Dame would beat USC. It was not to be. Sighs were heard in many of our family’s dens.

And then there was Arkansas. I’ve been an Arkansas football sceptic for many years because they can’t quite seem to make it to the big bowls and always manage to disappoint. 10 and 2 seasons are a success for Arkansas. Alas, again there were some hopeful souls in our family who were disappointed again. Lucy pulled that football away from Charlie Brown and Arkansas was defeated by LSU. Of course, our Louisiana relatives were thrilled.

All I have to look forward to now in college football is the University of Oklahoma who barely beat Oklahoma State.


And Army.

There’s always Army.

Beat Navy.