There’s this guy that seems to be everywhere I go… When I am shopping I see his photo on magazine covers. When I turn on the news he’s making threats. Now he’s sent me a letter. It doesn’t make any sense at all and in fact, is quite frightening.

He claims that I wanted him to write to me. Fat chance.

I just want him to leave me the hell alone and stay out of my territory. I wonder if I should write Dear Abby and ask her what to do?

I think this guy’s a stalker and worse, I suspect that he’s trying to take over the world. It’s really odd that no one in the MSM seems at all concerned about it. Surely leftists in the media don’t actually believe the guy or agree with his assertions? Could they really be enablers of madness? Don’t they recognize the symptoms of it?

What made Ahmadinejad think he had the right to write to me?

This guy is creeping me out big time.

Here’s part of his letter….. Take a look at it. Betcha you’ll be checking the locks on your doors. Or getting some chills down your spine.