A soldier from the 1st Armored Division moves to his next objective during a morning raid in Ramadi, Iraq, Nov. 28, 2006. U.S. Army photo by Tech. Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock.

I received this email from my son today…….

Hey Mom, I got a letter from Sister Mary John Seysler at St. Bernards Hospital.
I guess when I went in for reflux they got my name and sent it after reading
stuff in the Jonesboro Sun about our Battalion. She said they pray for us every
night. She sent this card called a………..

“Prayer for Our Men and Women in Military Service”

O Prince of Peace, we humbly ask
Your protection for all our men and women
In military service.
Give them unflinching
Courage to defend with honor, dignity and
Devotion the rights of all who are imperiled
By injustice and evil. Guard our churches,
Our homes, our schools, our hospitals, our
Factories, our buildings and all those within
From harm and peril.
Protect our land and it’s people from enemies
Within and without.
Grant an early peace with victory founded
Upon justice.
Instill in the hearts and minds
Of men and women everywhere a firm
Purpose to live forever in peace and
Good will toward all.

Pretty neat.

More than neat. An answer to a prayer within a prayer. Others, even strangers are praying for my son. A Catholic nun is praying for him and her prayer has more power than a billion Osama bin Ladens.

There is more wisdom in that simple prayer than all the Baker Commission’s convoluted, weak-kneed, half-measures constructed to achieve a convenient, subliminal surrender.

Another answer to a prayer…..