Another email from Iraq. Note. The opinions expressed in this email are that of the emailer only and necessarily not those of the Army or the DOD.

There are targets of opportunity all over the place here, there’s about a 99.9% probability that certain buildings, religious areas, neighborhoods, etc are specifically targeting US soldiers and specifically contribute to the death of US soldiers and coalition forces.

BUT, we are in a “sovereign country” so if we want to attack entire neighborhoods full of bad people the US has to ask the Iraqi government, and you can guess that the answer will most likely be NO. I understand the purpose and reason behind it, but it SUCKS. I was talking to the Major and he thinks we should be A. Blowing up more stuff, and B. Shooting more bad

I said I think we should state “Okay Iraqi government, you need our help right now, or you want it, but if you want it and we are going to risk our soldiers lives then you will have to do things the way we want them otherwise you forfeit our help, period end of story.”

No more US soldiers taking in some guy and him getting released, no more talk of “amnesty” for people who put bombs out. We draw a line in the sand. Ergo, you put a bomb out, we will kill you armed or not armed because a bad guy carrying a cell phone is probably more dangerous than a guy with an AK.

Also, we give a warning (more than fair) to the nearest house/neighborhood and let them know, you are responsible for this area, keep it clear, if you don’t then you will lose your home. The response by some people is, “Hey but then they’ll just become part of the problem
and become terrorists.”

Yup, and they will be obvious and shortly after they “become” terrorists they will be dead because US soldiers have the ability to go out and hunt down and kill the bad guys AND those aiding the bad guys (for WHATEVER reason).

Another annoyance is hearing the assumption… “well these bad guys are taking innocents, putting bombs on them, and making them walk down the road otherwise they will kill their family.”

Yes, the bad guys do that because they believe it’s effective against US troops.

How would we make it ineffective? That line in the sand, cooperate with the bad guys for whatever reason and you will be treated as a terrorist (straight from the Bush doctrine, just at a micro level. Instead of states that sponsor terrorists I’m talking about individuals,
neighborhoods, etc).

Would it “create” more terrorists? Probably. Could the US forces more effectively handle them? Probably.

Heck I don’t know, it sounds good to me, because it makes sense. Perhaps it’s not “realistic” in the way the Baker Commission terms it, but I thought the whole purpose of fighting a war was to win it, the bottom line.

The troops shouldn’t have to worry about this. If the constraints on them were loosened we would have much more success…..maybe, even……. victory.

This is heartening at least…….

We’re not going to give up. The stakes are too high and the consequences too grave.”

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