Aug. 9, 1974: First lady Betty Ford stands with President Ford after he took the oath of office.

When my mother called me this morning and told me, “Gerald Ford died,” at first I was confused, because we have a close elderly cousin in our family named Gerald Ford. But he owned a chain of donut shops and was never in politics. “No”, mother said, “President Gerald R. Ford.”

My prayers are with the family of the former president. I remember how disappointed I was when he was defeated by Jimmy Carter even though back then I didn’t vote in that election because we were in the process of moving to Germany. Gerald Ford seemed like a real, honest man, almost a Jimmy Stewart kind of president.

It’s just more evidence of the fickleness of the American people that they could have been taken in by an anti-semitic, hateful, control freak as Carter turned out to be.

Sometimes being good and decent has its own rewards. Actually, it always does but, unfortunately on many occasions in our nations history having a good and honorable man serving as President was not appreciated by the American people. In President Ford’s case it didn’t help that the big three networks focused on each and every step the man took.

I remember Chevy Chase and Saturday Night Live’s merciless lampooning of President Ford’s accidental falls and the news media’s reaction when Ford pardoned Nixon. The lefts’ hatred of Nixon wasn’t cauterized by the pardon and much of the hatred was transferred to Ford.

Still, President Ford brought stability to our country at a time when the sixties counter-culture was in its last throes of indecency. Global socialism was rampant and many American women were leaving their families to find themselves.


Mrs. Ford was an extremely valuable First Lady with her obvious warmth and grace at a time we were seeing many ungraceful acts by the likes of Gloria Steinem and her fellow bra burners.

Check out this unbelievably, crude and disgusting Wikipedia salute to former President Ford. It seems that the left still can’t get over their hatred.

UPDATE: Wikipedia took it down and the page is now locked. Suffice it to say the images posted were extremely obscene.

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