Saddam checking out his neck.

There are many interesting articles to read as we prepare the popcorn and settle down for a long night’s Saddam Hussein Hang-athon. It’s expected to happen very soon if it has not already.

Curt of Flopping Aces has the very graphic photographic evidence against Saddam Hussein just in case anyone of liberal, delicate, sensibilities has any doubts about the need for the Butcher of Baghdad to swing.

Gateway Pundit has more of the heartbreaking photos of the Iraqi’s who had to endure life under or were killed by that monster.

Utah Iraqis Say Saddam’s Execution is Just

According to the Guardian the execution will be photographed and videotaped.

The Anchoress has a long list of interesting links and her own thoughtful take.

Assorted Babble has more…..

Uh Oh. Even a Clinton appointed judge won’t stop Saddam’s swing from the end of a rope.


Fox News Channel Image

al Arabiya is reporting that Saddam Hussein was executed ten minutes ago.

Pat Dollard has confirmation from a confidential military source that Saddam Hussein went out swinging over an hour ago. Hat tip: Lucianne

Mission Accomplished

Dan Rather had no comment. I remember back when Mr. Rather was a rather obsequious brown noser.

Hot Air is watching for the video and Bryan remembers the monster, Saddam Hussein.

Cheers in Heaven

Now that old Saddam has been sent to his just rewards I am listening to some of the pundits on the Fox News Channel offer their opinions about whether Saddam’s execution would be a negative or positive thing for our efforts in Iraq.

The worst reaction, I believe, was from former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger who sounded positively dismissive of the importance of the hanging of Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqis have carried out a very important act in it’s nascent Democracy but it’s probably not a surprise that a former state department figure would have such a negative outlook.