Just as I called a Trick play, catching my Dad off-guard and scoring the first touchdown in the semi-final game of our annual Fletcher Family Football Tournament, the Oklahoma Sooners scored a touchdown against Boise State, going ahead for the first time in the game. But, just like the Sooners, I didn’t win in the end.

I went for an extra point and it was no good. My Dad’s defense kept me from scoring again and his offense drove down the field to a touchdown, beating me 7 - 6. We were slightly distracted by the Fiesta Bowl and took a few time-outs to watch the over-time play. When Boise State tied the game up again in the last few seconds of regulation with a trick play everyone still remaining at our football tournament was thrilled.

My Dad claims that he and my Uncle Max were the originators of that pitched ball trick play when they were teenagers. I sure haven’t seen a play like that in a long time. I was rooting for the Sooners but had to admire Boise State for that excellent trick play. My Dad went on to win the tournament in the finals, beating my daughter-in-law’s Mom, a committed Saints fan, 24 - 7.

The magic came on a stunning 50-yard touchdown play on fourth-and-18 in the final seconds of regulation. Zabransky hit Drisan James at Oklahoma’s 35, and James pitched the ball to Jerard Rabb, who raced into the end zone with 7 seconds to play.

Zabransky said the Broncos practice that play almost every day in practice but that it rarely works against the Boise State defense, which usually knows when it’s coming.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said the Sooners were looking for a trick play. But he said the Broncos ran this one to perfection.

“I want to give them credit because I thought they executed it in a really good way,” Stoops said. “It’s just the circumstances, the way it happened. They hit it perfect.”

That play merely set the stage for more Broncos magic.