I awakened early today. Everyone in the house is still asleep. I prayed for my family and loved ones and Terri Schiavo and her loved ones. I have always had difficulty sleeping when there have been burdens and heartaches and today was one of those days.

I found myself thinking about my late father-in-law. He had cancer. In his last days on earth he lost his appetite but not his thirst. Two days before he departed this earth we were standing at his hospital bed and he asked me to get him a coke with two straws. I followed his orders. My husband questioned me about the two straws and I told him that it was what his Dad requested.

He enjoyed that coke so much and I find myself thinking of that moment this morning. At least he gave me something that I could do to try to make it better for him.

I wish that there were something that I could do to help comfort Terri Schiavo’s parents and brother and sister. I have never had a loved one killed by order of her husband and courts and it must be even more horrid than deaths in the Middle Ages.

Terri’s is suffering a “trial by ordeal” which is the way people were tried long ago. If they survived the “ordeal” they were considered innocent, if they did not survive the ordeal they were guilty. I am joyful today because my Lord Is Risen. I know that He makes all things new. I pray that for the Schindler family.