Some doctors say that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state and others say she is not. I don’t think it is knowable actually and if they aren’t 100 % certain they should side on the side of life.

In 1994 I had to have outpatient surgery. It was minor but I was put to sleep for it. I could hear everything the doctor was saying about my procedure and when I awakened I was very upset, not understanding some of the medical terms used. I asked my doctor about many of the statements that I had overheard and the doctor was pretty surprised that I had heard them.

I hadn’t felt any pain during the procedure but I could hear all. The funny thing is that I couldn’t speak. I remember wanting to ask the doctor what it was all about and tell him that I was hearing everything but I couldn’t.

So, if they can’t know if their patient is completely out when they are doing minor surgery how can they know if Terri Schiavo is hearing everything. I am wondering about that.