An email from Iraq……..

I went to eat tonight at the mess hall and I had been going to the sandwich bar the last few days trying to see if they had any turkey, but the guy there didn’t have any, so the last couple days it’s been either salami or ham.

Tonight I saw they had turkey and I guess the guy knew who I was (not sure if he’s Iraqi or what, probably from India) anyway, he seemed pretty happy that this time when I asked for turkey he could say, “Yes I have turkey.” So I said, “Great. I’ll take a turkey sub”, but he said, “No. I will make two turkey sandwiches for the big strong Captain.”

The other guy that works there counted the slices and he put like ten on each sandwich, then he laughed and said, “You are an Army Captain and I am the Sandwich Bar Captain.” I smiled and said thanks and headed back to my room to change to go to the gym.

I got back an hour later and barely felt hungry but no way did I throw either of the sandwiches away when the guy seemed so proud of making them for me. I tried to eat about half of both of them.


The Iraqis (or Indians) working in the mess hall in Iraq seem to take more pride in helping to support our troops than our own representatives in the House and Senate. The Senators are making proposals for senseless resolutions to, in essence, tell our enemies how little they care about our troops and our efforts in the War on Terror. That’s the way I see it and I think it is also the way our troops see it.

Shame on John Warner, Gordon Smith, Susan Collins, Chuck Hagel, Olympia Snow, Norm Coleman, and Sam Brownback, Republicans all, who are revealing themselves to be no different than the Cut and Run crowd with their pathetic flirtations/efforts to come up with nonbinding resolutions against President Bush’s decision to send more troops into Iraq.

I do not expect anything of the Democrats of course, except for Independent Democrat, Joe Lieberman. But these Republicans in name only are despicable turncoats and not worth one slice of turkey placed on any soldier’s bread.


What to do about the Republican turncoats? Hugh Hewitt has some strong words for the likes of them.

The brave Michelle Malkin went to Iraq and saw the mud, the beautiful children, the Iraqi people and our troops. She and her colleague, Bryan Preston came back with renewed hope.