Captain had a rough week. He was diagnosed with a bladder infection last Monday and prescribed some medicine for it and for intestinal cramps. We had our usual struggle giving him his medicine. He was able to outsmart the pill popper we had purchased so on Wednesday evening we were just trying to get the pill far enough down in Captain’s mouth that he would swallow it whether he wanted to or not.

For once we were successful.

As my husband was preparing to give Captain the other pill he was prescribed, he discovered that he had made a horrible mistake. My husband had given Cappy one of his own muscle relaxers, Flexeril. We rushed Captain to the emergency vet and had him there within twenty minutes. The vet gave Captain an injection to get him to throw the pill up but he didn’t. Apparently he had already absorbed the pill into his blood stream.


It was rough going for Captain for the rest of the week. He was in the vet clinic all day Thursday and Friday hooked up on IV fluids and in the emergency hospital on Wednesday and Thursday nights. He stayed home with us on Friday night still with the IV needle in place in case we had an emergency.

He had a restful night.


We took him to our vet Saturday morning and they took out the IV needle leaving the green bandage on his leg. The vet told us to keep the bandage on until today and contact them on Monday to see how Captain is doing.


Sometime last night Captain managed to get the bandage off himself. He was sitting on top of a chest in the den this morning next to a lamp. He had knocked everything off the chest to make room to stretch out.


I found the bandage underneath the coffee table.

Captain may have been down but he’s not out!

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