When I heard the report on the radio yesterday that John Kerry will not be running for president in 2008 they played his announcement, voice cracking, and I almost expected him to collapse completely. Botched joke = botched presidential plans. The man will never admit it but it’s true. The moment he said the troops were uneducated boobs was the moment John Kerry lost forever any hope of ever being elected President of the United States. Every candidate for president in 2008 in both parties better beware of crossing the Kerry Rubicon.

Dean Barnett made the following observation and I agree completely……

John Kerry was crying for himself and the dashing of those ambitions. What a pathetic display. As this sad man ended his national political career, he wallowed in self-pity because he wasn’t going to get what he wanted.

What kind of President would John F. Kerry have been?

Thankfully, we will never know.