Paratroopers from C Company, 1st Battalion, 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, sharpen their skills in Kuwait in preparation for possible deployment to Iraq. Defense Department official photo.

My husband, being a poetic soul at heart, has a real problem with those in the Congress who have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and yet are turning in to the very enemies they swore to defend against. He’s expressed his opinion in the following poetic words.

Freedom’s Stand

What cost does freedom really bring, when life is high and full of spring.

What courage is to count the cost, when neither time nor youth is lost?

It lies within a time gone by when those who stood knew some would die.

What cost does freedom really bring, it lies upon those souls who sing.

What song is that which sears the soul? That keeps the flame of freedom whole?

The song comes from the ones who stand and keep us all in God’s own hand.

For those who stand will count the cost but some will not and they are lost.

For those who do not stand today will not live on, will fade away.

To stand is not to be before, it does not mean to block the door.

To stand is simply to be there, to find the strength of those who care.

To do what others will not do, to help us all to see things through.

Defend that which we cannot see, find the strength to keep us free.

The strength we need is near at hand, it comes from those who made the stand.

But some cannot abide the light that comes to those who share this sight.

They will not see the need so dear, for some are blinded by their fear.

Some will only live in greed and only think of what they need.

Some will only join the fight for the power of the night.

And when the land is torn apart, these will fade into the dark.

For if we do not make this stand, we lose the power of this land.

We lose it for eternity, the gift of light that makes us free.

The strength that feeds this fabled light lies consistent in God’s sight.

It does not peak, it does not fall, it simply stands to strengthen all.

But it requires comforts denied, the pain of choice, not those who hide.

A strength of hope that does not die, but lives to fill the land and sky.

What cost does freedom really bring, it lies not in the breath of spring,

It rests instead in each one’s stand, to strengthen hope, defend our land.

It grows when those stand free and clear to help us in this time of fear.

To drown the hate that comes our way to stand despite what others say.

Be careful those who guard this light, for it can vanish in the night.

It will be lost when those who care forget the darkness always there.

And give to those who have their say, a simple lie, the easy way.

A simple choice to turn from light, abandon those so far from sight.

Now hear me all who stood before, we need you now, do not ignore

Remember those who through our past stood straight and tall and to the last.

Stand with us now, despite the cost, we cannot see our freedom lost

Despite the time and evil’s force, find the strength to stay the course.

For freedom’s fight is never done, it will not end with setting sun.

The price we give is never clear, but know that cost is always dear.

The song we sing to save the light comes from within to banish night.

Who brings this music to our land? Only those who make the stand!

COL (ret) Robert R. Donoho


We’ve taken the pledge and will never give another dime to the NRSC if they continue to support Republicans who have turned against our troops and our President for their own selfish political reasons.