I am very glad that Jesse Jackson has joined the land of the living and I truly do hope that it is for legitimate reasons.

His eloquent and impassioned support for the Schindler family had to be a great comfort to them. It’s sad that not one Catholic Bishop has made a visit to Pinellas County.

I am a teensy bit suspicious of Jackson’s motives in his declared support for restoration of the feeding tube forTerri Schiavo. It could be more for political reasons than simply the right thing to do. One reason is that he is so late to the cause. His support may have been more important had he gone to Florida when the state legislature was trying to pass a bill to save Terri. (but he was too busy defending Michael Jackson)

Jesse Jackson may have just cynically waited until Terri’s situation was past the point of rescue so that he could “say” that he tried to help.

It sort of makes me think of a typical situation I experience. When I come home from the grocery store and unload all the bags, carry them into the house and then start to put them up, my husband magically appears and says, “Can I help?”

But that’s just me I guess. Cynical. I pray that Terri makes it through the night and the Florida legislature comes through tomorrow.