John Boehner, the House Minority leader, just put Hugh Hewitt down while being interviewed on Hugh’s show. Hugh tried to reason with Boehner, reminding him that both General Petraeus and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates have warned that any resolution put out by the Congress would embolden the enemy but Boehner, who apparently thinks he is a military genius, said he didn’t believe it would.

Hugh told Boehner that his resolution outlining benchmarks for the Bush administration on the war is just flat wrong. Boehner pulled rank on Hugh, reminding Hugh that he, Boehner is the minority leader and Hugh is a talk show host.

Boehner believes the plan will help the Bush administration succeed in Iraq. I believe Boehner is full of horse s**t.

This is really discouraging. Have the Republicans morphed into a bunch of weanies? I met Boehner once in the late nineties at the Capital Club in D.C. and was not impressed with him at all. Something about the Republicans hurry to get a resolution against the war (no matter how they want to sell it) smells.

Dean Barnett called into Hugh’s show for the very first time. He is also aghast at the behavior of the Republican leadership in Congress.