The 875th’s Buffalo, an armored mine-disposal vehicle. Its articulating arm is folded back over itself.

NPR visited with the 875th Engineer Batallion recently in the largest military supply center at Anaconda, fifty miles north of Baghdad. The reporter, John McChesney, tells a back story of our conflict in Iraq, the engineers daily battle to keep IEDs from killing our troops.

Fifty miles north of Baghdad sprawls the largest U.S. military supply center in Iraq. It’s called Anaconda, and from here the things that keep an army going flow out to much of Iraq.

But those supplies must come to Anaconda by truck — all the way up from Kuwait on a road the Army calls Tampa, or Highway 1. It’s the job of the 875th Engineering Battalion of the Arkansas National Guard to keep a long section of this road clear of insurgents and their roadside bombs, so the big convoys can get through safely. But the 875th’s section of the road is increasingly coming under attack.

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God bless the Buffalo and keep our soldiers safe.