Captain and Amos, back in the day. We were living in Germany with Captain when a friend asked me to care for her two cats, Amos and Bear for a couple of months when they had to PCS to England. They didn’t want to put their cats into quaranteen for that period of time. It didn’t take Captain long to become friendly with Amos. It was harder with Bear but they adjusted.

When my friend moved to the states and had a couple of months of waiting for housing she called me again in Germany and asked me if I could find someone to take in Bear and Amos because she had no home for them, I said yes, and then called my daughters. They talked to my sister who agreed to put the cats up for a few days until my daughters could pick them up for the weekend.

We lost Bear a few days after my oldest daughter got married but we still have Amos and he is a sweetie.

Captain now shares our house with Sabby, Amos and Asta.

Captain is now fully recovered from the drug accident and is back to running the household again.