One day when I was a little girl I asked my mom about Mormons. We went to a Southern Baptist church and I may have heard something about them (probably negative) there and I was curious. My mother, being a Presbyterian at heart, had a lot of good sense. She told me that Mormons were another type of Christian denomination and were very good people.

I left it at that. When I started to grow as a Christian in my thirties I began to read some Christian books and discovered that Mormons were listed as a cult in Dr. Walter Martin’s Kingdom of the Cults. But about the same time I met the Mathis Family.

The very best neighbors we have ever had, the Mathis family, were Mormons. They were a military family with five children and are some of the finest people I have ever known. We were living in Indianapolis for a few months when they moved next door and it wasn’t long before we became acquainted. The Dad was an Air Force Colonel in the medical field, the Mom stayed at home with their kids who happened to be close to the same age as our children.

While we sent our children to Christian school our neighbors enrolled their kids in the local public school. I felt very comfortable allowing our kids to interact with the kids next door. They were taught manners, values, kindness, honesty, compassion and love of family. When my husband had his motorcycle wreck the Mathis family was there for us, watching our children so I could go see about him in the hospital.

Our family shared picnics with the Mathis family and our children became best friends. At Halloween our kids and the Mathis kids put on their costumes and we took them trick or treating. At Easter the Mathis kids came over to our house for the Easter Egg Hunt. I loved to go sit down for a visit with Mrs. Mathis as she always had good advice on child-rearing, and practical housekeeping. She helped me figure out how to get the ring out of the tub, she was a friend to me.

One day another family moved in across the street from us. (I can’t remember their name) The man had been a missionary to South America and his wife was from one of the South American countries. The scoop in the neighborhood was that he was involved in some kind of weird liberal evangelical organization. (if there ever was such a thing) We had the son of this family over a few times since he was close to our son’s age but we soon were discouraging our son from playing with him because the boy had such a potty mouth and actually seemed kind of disturbed.

A few months later the man from across the street came over and requested that I sign a petition against Dr. and Mrs. Mathis because they were members of the PTA and involved with Boy Scouts at the school and the lib evangelical believed that they shouldn’t be allowed to have a role in the public school.

After the man made that statement I looked up at his face just to be sure he didn’t have fangs and just closed the door in his face. It astounded me that the man could have anything against the Mathis family and it angered me that anyone could be so bigoted.

After that incident happened it brought home to me the fact that Mormons were still being discriminated against by many people, even by some who call themselves Christians. The contrast between the two families, the kindnesses the Mathis family dished out to us daily and the creepy liberal evangelical’s hateful bigotry and his families instability was quite stark.

The bigotry displayed towards Mitt Romney by the MSM because of his religion is disgusting. I have personally witnessed the faith and love that Mormons have for their families, their communities, their religion and their country. So many of them serve in the U.S. military. Right now my choice in the Presidential election is between Romney and Giuliani. Both men are human and have their flaws but if they are equally as strong on national security it will be a hard choice. And the fact that Mitt Romney is a Mormon will not play any role at all in my decision because, like my mother said, Mormons are very good people.

Hugh Hewitt has written a book about Mitt Romney. I’m ordering it.