During World War ll the American troops’ communications were censored for operational security. In this upside down world with the internet reaching even into tents in Iraq, our troops are reading some really distressing, depressing and disgusting news of the Democrats’ attempts to redefine the mission, (in other words to slow bleed the troops) hence, giving them no support. There is really no other way to look at it.

An email from Iraq……

I don’t like the sound of this article.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said she expects the next challenge to Bush’s war policies to come in the form of legislation requiring the Pentagon to adhere to strict training and readiness standards in the case of troops ticketed for the war zone.”

In other words, they will try to limit units based on training, which means what? We get extended if the unit replacing us is deemed not trained or ready (according to the new standards they would implement, throwing new standards for deployment in in the middle of a war screws those on the ground).

Pelosi and Reid’s legislation would not just affect the troop surge. For example, someone has to clear the big road, so either all the troops leave now or the Democrats quit trying to interfere, screwing things up with their stupidity and ineptness.

The other thing is this…..restricting what we can do. That is flaming stupid. It will not make things more secure by any means if we are no longer allowed to go after insurgents. I mean that’s insane! Some of these idiots in the Senate need to spend some actual time on the ground here.

I think the one thing I’ve learned is that I don’t care for politicians. My litmus test for who I vote for will be whether they believe we should use the same rules of engagement that we had during WW2 or not.

Well, that eliminates any Democrat.