The Anchoress reminds us of that moment, five plus years ago, when President Bush threw a perfect strike and the American people were united behind him.

He makes me nuts sometimes - I wish he’d fight back more - but I can understand why he won’t waste his energy on anklebiters and partisan snipers when he has troops in harms way, and people at home to keep safe. And he has kept us safe. And yes, I still pray for him, every day. Do you? Have you stopped? Maybe you should start again.

At one time the media was compelled, due to that great surge of emotion and spirit of unity by almost all of America in the days after 911, to cover the president in a proper and respectful manner. But the moment the Democrats could no longer restrain themselves in their poll-driven pretense of support for our country, the media gladly joined them in their political game, hence, Bush Derangement Syndrome, like a whale lying quiescent for a time, became manifest.

No longer would the media coverage of the President be in any way positive. The American people would be subject to months and years of coverage of extreme hatred of the president and his mission through the mouths of Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, The Dixie Chicks, John Murtha, Al Gore, Joe Wilson, Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and other Democrat and leftist haters.

As Sissy Willis writes, when God gave tyranny a face, he gave it a fool’s face.

Some hard working Americans who only glanced at the news out of the corners of their eyes began to believe the sly pronunciations of all the slogans of the left by the media.

“Bush Lied, People Died”……”No Blood for Oil” etc…

Instead of covering the great work our troops were (and are) doing, the media instead, chose to focus on the sad story of Abu Ghraib or any other negative military news they could find. The New York Times has never covered an anti-war rally it didn’t attempt to portray as significantly representative of the sentiment of the American people as a whole.

Of course this past weekend when the Gathering of Eagles outnumbered the war protesters in Washington D.C. the New York Times couldn’t have that. It was just a little too much truthiness for them.

The Times of course, seemed more eager to cover old gray-haired hippies’ glorious recollections of Vietnam War protests than in informing the American people that their president is indeed a human being of great compassion. None of the media outlets covered what happened in the days after the tornado in Enterprise, Alabama when President Bush went to visit.

Thanks to The Anchoress for finding and linking this article. The title, White House Involved In New Scandal seemed quite incongruous until I thought about it. Scandal + Bush will get attention. Bush + Compassion, sadly, will not.

Nevertheless, President Bush is still the leader of our country and the Commander in Chief in this war on Islamic terror, no matter how hard or long the leftist media is in denial of that fact.

Of course, as Lorie Byrd writes, the Bush administration needs to be more aggressive in communicating their message. They should have enough experience in these past six years to know that the media will not do it for them.

On the fourth anniversary of this war, even though it has affected our own family directly with the deployments of two of our own to the war-zone and one in the states in the earlier days of the war, I still believe that it was the right thing to do. So does Christopher Hitchens.

I believe history will also concur.

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