BERLIN — The Berlin Zoo’s abandoned polar bear cub Knut looks cute, cuddly and has become a front-page media darling, but an animal-rights activist insisted Monday he would have been better off dead than raised by humans.

“Feeding by hand is not species-appropriate but a gross violation of animal-protection laws,” animal-rights activist Frank Albrecht was quoted as saying by the mass-circulation Bild daily, which has featured regular photo spreads tracking fuzzy Knut’s frolicking.

“The zoo must kill the bear.”

I detect a tinge of yearning for the good old days of 1939 in Mr. Albrecht’s comments. Must be something deep in his German conscience which leads him to think he can assert his will over a group of people or animals. Many animal activists seem to have very controlling, over-righteous, personalities.


I went to the Little Rock Zoo today. I saw tigers.





We also saw a lot of chimps and other primates. Evidently, Judy the chimpanzee was staying put.

The Little Rock Zoo was a bit shabby and I’ve heard that a lot of funding, which should have gone to the zoo, went instead to the Clinton Library. But the animals were glorious.

UPDATE: I was really sleepy when I posted this last night so was sparse in my comments. Sissy Willis has the whole thing wrapped up, however, re Polar Bears and other exquisite creatures such as the fantastic Cathy Seipp. She will be missed. May God surround her family with all the comfort and blessings they need for now and in future days and months.