Fausta reports that the “youth” are rioting in the Gare du Nord, one of the largest train and subway terminals in Paris. The Gare du Nord is also a terminus for the Eurostar trains.

Up to 13 people have been arrested after an argument over a ticket in a Paris metro station sparked riots.
Police used tear gas to disperse up to 100 youths at the Gare du Nord, one of Paris’s major transport hubs.

Rioters smashed windows and attacked vending machines and shops, after objecting to the treatment of a man arrested for jumping a ticket barrier.

With French elections due next month, the left and right were quick to offer their interpretation of the violence.

Interior Minister Francois Baroin condemned the violence.

My daughters, niece, friend and I were in Paris in July, 2001 and took the Eurostar through the chunnel. After we returned we were sitting in the terminal checking our map and a Frenchman approached us and started to beg. Not so unusual one might say, except that while he was begging, his mouth was so full of bread it was spilling out as he spoke.

How times have changed. A Frenchman begging for bread is much more preferable than a gang of violent “youths” rioting, smashing property and generally terrorizing the public. That ought to be intolerable to those who live in a civilized country.