The news that Tony Snow’s cancer has returned left me feeling heart-sick. I had been concerned recently by his gaunt appearance but attributed it to the great job he was doing as the White House spokesman. Anyone who has to deal with Helen Thomas and David Gregory must have the patience of Job.

My Dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1997, less than two months after my father-in-law had died of cancer. That was a scary and heartbreaking time. For a year my dad had to endure a lowgrade chemotherapy that affected his appetite and left him feeling ill quite often. But he didn’t lose his hair! He’s been cancer free for over ten years now. My Dad has a strong will, a great sense of humor and most important, faith in God.

Those three elements we know Tony Snow has in spades. I’m praying for him and his family as he makes that walk through the fire again.

Sometime in the summer of 2004 my husband returned from a trip to Fort Leonard Wood. As he was unpacking his car I had an errand to run so got in my car and turned on the radio. The Tony Snow show was on.

The topic was the WMD not found in Iraq. Tony had a caller who was an active duty COL who had been involved in the planning for the invasion while serving at V CORPS in Heidleberg, Germany. The caller, who was named Bob, told Tony that he had seen enough evidence in the message traffic and military briefings before 911 and in the aftermath to believe that Iraq was a danger to not only the U.S. but the rest of the world.

As I listened to the Army officer and Tony engaged in conversation a slow realization came to me that Tony was talking to my husband. But how could that be I thought. I had just seen my husband a few minutes before, unloading his car. He wasn’t talking on the phone.

Big confusement.

Then I realized that Tony’s radio show must have been tape delayed.

After I got home I told Bob that I had just heard him speaking to Tony. For a moment he looked perplexed. Then he told me that he had been listening to Tony’s show as he was driving through Missouri and decided to call him to add his two cents worth.

Tony had engaged my husband in conversation for about five minutes, giving him an opportunity to express his strong belief that the media had ignored the military intelligence in favor of that of Joe Wilson’s CIA.

That was just one serendipitous Tony Snow moment.

I was so glad when Tony decided to take the position of White House spokesman because with him, President Bush actually had a strong advocate who could not only defend the president from the assaults of the press but dish it right back to them. His calm but feisty demeaner exposed the bias of David Gregory.

I’m praying for Tony’s complete and speedy recovery. He has done great and good things for our country. My Dad offers this word of encouragement to Tony…

Tony, don’t let this get you down. Giving up is your enemy. Don’t give up.

The White House has set up a get well page for Tony.

G.M. Roper has a wonderful post encouraging Tony to fight on. Hat tip: The Anchoress