It’s storming outside so I might not get to see the whole show or blog about it but I’m going to try.

Chris Richardson began with Change My World or something like that. I liked him a lot. I liked his suit and his delivery. He was worth watching. The judges liked him too. They seem relieved that Sanjaya is gonya.

Phone’s ringing. Hang on.

Melinda’s next. She’s got a powerful voice and looks so good tonight. Her hair looks great. I’m not so crazy about the song but Melinda is wonderful in her delivery.

Randy says “Melinda is here.” Paula says, “Magical.” Simon loved it because it wasn’t a copycat performance. “A vocal masterclass.”

Commercial time. Checking the weather. It’s raining and the thunder is booming.

Back to the show. Blake Lewis is up next. He’s singing John Lennon’s Imagine. Not a favorite song of mine.

Just so-so Blake. Instead of John, sing, Paul or George, or even Ringo. Randy says it’s just okay for him. Paula says she likes how sensitive the performance was. Simon says one of the biggest songs of all time is always tricky. He liked Blake’s sincerity.

Lakisha is next. She’s singing, I Believe by Fantasia? Lakisha looks glamorous and she’s in great voice. I liked it. Randy, says, “Yo.Yo.” He doesn’t think it was her best. Paula says she’s a powerhouse as a vocalist but she disses Lakisha. Simon says that Paula preferred Fantasia’s version. He doesn’t like the shouting. Simon tells the booing audience to shut up. Lakisha was in the bottom three last week. Will she be there again?

Phil is next. He’s singing The Change by Garth Brooks. I’m so glad he’s not wearing one of those stupid caps. It would be okay if he wore a hat more like my Humphrey Bogart like father-in-law, C.C. wore in his younger days.

Great performance. Phil has a powerful, emotional voice. Randy says it was a strong performance. Paula says it was his best. Simon says he really likes Phil. He advises Phil to get that country tone back in his voice.

Jordan is next. Pretty and tall Jordan.

Uh oh. Weather alert. Off to the south and southeast there are several severe thunderstorm warnings. It is past us. Good.

Jordan is singing, You’ll Never Walk Alone. We sang that song in junior high choir. Jordan looks great in that mauvish grey. She’s kind of shaky. She’s got her fanclub in the audience. I don’t think that was her best. A little screechy. Randy says he thinks that is one of the best vocals, the hottest tonight. Paula says it’s a haunting song. She says it’s lovely and glorious. Simon thinks she was fantastic.

They like her. That’s obvious. I like Melinda better. But I don’t think Jordan will end up in the bottom three.

Predictions for the bottom three? Lakisha, Blake and Chris.

Well, we made it through the storm so far. So I will hit publish.

UPDATE: Dean Barnett has some Idol commentary and some predictions.