Watching Idol is a hoot tonight. I just discovered Il Divo. Good Lord, they were good! Very cute too. I loved the Jack Black bit as well.

I’m glad that Melinda and Blake are safe.

Rascal Flatts makes me want to sing or at least contribute some harmony. I love harmonious music. I’m loving a lot tonight. Usually I’m too negative but not tonight.

Good. Phil’s safe. That leaves Jordan, Chris and Lakisha sort of unsafe.

Tonight’s Idol reminds me of the great musical variety shows I grew up on, like The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, Hootenanny, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, The Ed Sullivan Show, The Smothers Brothers, and Your Hit Parade. (when I was really little)

Petula Clark was my favorite female singer. My sister and I gathered around the television when she came on. I really don’t have any favorite female singers anymore. I prefer the male voice but I reckon that’s because Petula is not recording anymore. We loved Skeeter Davis too.


Josh Groban. Just Josh Groban. He is fricken wonderful. I think for those of us who love music, Heaven is going to be a wonderful musical experience. The music will not only fill our ears but every cell of our bodies and souls.

Lakisha is safe! Jordan and Chris are in the bottom two.

Celine Dion with Elvis? That was Elvis. But with Celine Dion?

Annie Lennox appears looking like herself. Annie is on my list of great performers. I like Annie. Walking on Broken Glass is one of my favorite songs.

Both Chris and Jordan get a reprieve until next week. That is how it should be but it could possibly be disappointing to hardcore viewers. But not to me.