Gateway Pundit has the post of the weekend. His reader, Cornhusker came up with the idea of sending a postcard to all the surrendercrats who voted for the war surrender bill.

He wrote…

Here is my final idea! I think that mailing postcards will be more effective than sending feathers or e-mailing these idiots…BESIDES I am sick to death of them ignoring me! So I will snail-mail them postcards that others can see and that will put it right out front how we feel. A letter arrives in a sealed envelope which gets immediately thrown away or ignored. This we can send to all kinds of people in the media, on the internet…etc etc! Sound good?

By the way, if you look closely after the words “SURRENDER BILL” at the bottom of the postcard, you will see a worm. I can’t think of anything more appropriate to send to these people, can you?

This is the best idea. Sending a white feather alone to the surrendercrats might put the sender in jeopardy because of postal concerns in the recent past with envelopes of white powder mailed by cranks.

We don’t want to be listed in that odious category but we do want them to get our message.

A postcard with a white feather pictured on it will get the message across.

I’m going to order some postcards to send to all the politicians who voted for the shameful bill, in particular our states two democrat senators, Lincoln and Pryor.

Blanche Lincoln has always been a Hillary clone and Mark Pryor was elected on the premise that he was a conservative. Hogwash. Pryor is up for election in 0-8 and his vote of shame will not be forgotten by those of us in Arkansas who support the troops.

Many Arkansans are in Iraq right now, fighting for our country while their senators and representatives have been voting against their victory. Readers who don’t know the history of the sending of white feathers to cowards can go here to read about it.

Cafe Press is selling a package of eight postcards for $6.95.

I suggested sending white feathers to our white knuckled, round heeled politicians, both Democrat and Republican back on January 26th. This is an idea whose time has come.


I would even like to see some Minnie Pearl-like hats, decorated with white feathers and the ubiquitous price tag that reads “$1.98″ hanging off the side, sent to the defeatocrats.

This, of course, means no disrespect to the immortal Minnie Pearl. I saw her perform live when I was a kid and there is not another more authentic, unique and funny female comic living today.

Gateway Pundit has posted an address list for your White Feather postcards.

Michelle Malkin has more.

Lorie Byrd also endorses the campaign.

Jules Crittenden documents the March of the Morons. A Golden Hammer award to the great Jules.

We live in a time of great moronitude. Morons, everywhere, rising from their morasses, massing and moving forward. In their multitudes, the morons march inexorably to the moronocy. The road is not easy. Some will fall by the way. Others, struggling moronically, will rise to blithering new heights of moronality.