The play, Demeter and Persephone is over. The fourth grade students did an awesome job this morning. The photos posted here were part of the scenery that I spent all weekend painting.


The student who was to play Zeus was home sick in bed but the boy who took his place did a great job. He was to play Charon but had to quickly switch over to Zeus. I read the lines of Charon from backstage using my deep, creepy voice.


This Greek Corinthian order temple was hanging on the back of the stage. When the ground shook (beating tamborines) as Hades emerged to kidnap Persephone, the temple fell halfway down the wall. A mistake but perfectly timed.


After the play was over and all the photos were taken I went to get the kids Irish Maid Donuts. Some of the kids still had their costumes on when I returned. I’m sure they will savor their moment in the sun for quite some time. It was a great experience for me to watch them stand up, remember their lines (for the most part) and act.