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I wouldn’t say I am addicted to coffee. I just like coffee an awful lot. This morning I got up earlier than usual to get to school to prepare for the play. I went downstairs, flipped on the coffeemaker and trudged back upstairs to sit for a while, check the news and wake up.

After a bit I went down for the coffee and the coffeemaker had stopped with just about an inch of coffee in the pot. The switch had turned off. I think my cat, Sabby did it. He’s mad because I’ve been so busy lately that he hasn’t received his requisite attention. He does stuff like that. I think Sabby is really short for sabotage, not Sebastian. I turned the pot back on and went back upstairs.

I returned after a while and the coffee was ready. It wouldn’t have been a pleasant morning if I hadn’t had a few cups of caffeinated courage.