Lisa De Pasquale of The Right Angle at Human Events received a copy of a letter that a Fifth Grade teacher in Alaska, Jan Bobek sent to a member of Congress. There is a larger scan at the link.


Lisa writes…..

Fifth Grade Teacher Jan Bobek of Soldotna Elementary School in Soldotna, Alaska recently sent a brightly colored letter (see image below) signed by her students that said, “Bring our soldiers home! They are our family.”

The letter was forwarded to me by a staffer who received it in the DC office of a Congressman from another state. One can only assume that similar letters were sent to other congressional offices. Given that the students only had to sign their name, there is no educational value in this note to a congressional office from another state. It’s clearly a political message that’s being sent by the teacher on taxpayers’ dime.

Ms Bobek might want to concentrate on teaching academic subjects and penmanship. I know in this age of computers many people think teaching students proper handwriting is archaic. I disagree.

Teaching students how to write legibly is still important. It enhances the students ability to learn to read, polishes their fine motor skills and develops their own imprint on the world.


Indoctrinating fifth grade students into ones’ own moonbat belief system and using their names in a letter to a legislator in order to persuade the congress to bring the soldiers home ought to be a fireable offense.

I’m certain that a public school teacher who did the opposite, that is, used the students names in order to persuade our nations leaders to send the troops to war, or to support the surge, wouldn’t get away with it.