My husband and I watched the finale of The Sopranos Sunday night.

Although we’d missed most of the episodes this season, in many ways, life for Tony has proceeded much like former seasons. (when we didn’t miss an episode) Tony and associates were just a few steps ahead of the Feds, his kids were growing up like many American kids today, without direction or focus.

Somehow, Tony’s life seemed to be spiraling down. Christopher is dead, Bobby was knocked off, and last week, Silvio nearly died and is on life-support. Tony’s left with Paulie and Patsy. Little Italy is shrinking.

Carmela as always, was still the devoted wife and mother, trying to keep her family together, with limited success.

Paulie Walnuts remained the same, odd, nervous, and superstitious human being. That he called the orange cat, “a snake in fur,” irritated me; I’m a cat lover and that the cat had a strange affinity for staring at the photo of Christopher didn’t surprise me at all. Cats pick whom they love without any input from the human that is chosen.

Hearts have their reasons of which reason knows nothing. Blaise Pascal

Tony always did love animals. From the early episodes with the ducks in his yard to the finale with the orange cat in the pork store, Tony remained an animal lover.

As the minutes of the show began to wind down, I started to watch the clock below the television. At 8:50, I started to wonder where the plot was going. Would Tony get wiped out in Uncle Junior’s nursing home with the cheesy “Have a Nice Day” sign above the mantle?

More moments were gone. It was 8:55. Tony arrived at Holsten’s and waited for his family as he sat in a booth checking out the tunes in the jukebox.

Having spent some time this past weekend playing the jukebox, it was amusing to see Tony at The Last Supper going through a list of tunes on the jukebox. He picked Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. The lyrics included this line……’the movie never ends, it goes on and on and on and on’

I never stop believing in life. Apparently David Chase doesn’t either.

Carmela was next to arrive and I wondered if she was going to suddenly pull a gun on Tony but that would have been totally out of her character. She asked Tony about his meeting with Mink and he told her that Carlo was going to testify. Carmela sighed and popped an onion ring in her mouth.

At 8:57, AJ arrived. He complained about the job his parents got him as a bribe to keep him from joining the Army. In a sign of some maturity, the Yeats quoting, AJ reminded Tony of some old advice he had once given him, “Try to remember the times that were good.”

Shady characters were coming and going in Holsten’s and I was wondering which one would do the hit on Tony.

Meadow was trying to parallel park outside in the darkness and that increased the tension. Having never achieved the ability to parallel park, I was sitting on the edge of my seat, still glancing down at the clock.


Finally, Meadow got the car parked and started to run inside to join her family. I heard the door start to open.

Then the screen went black. No sound. Nothing. My husband and I looked at each other and he actually said, “Damn Cox!” (we’ve lost our cable before at important moments in television shows)

Then the credits started to roll and realization set in. Tony and family were left at the table at Holstens for eternity with Meadow just outside.

I will miss Tony and the rest of the Sopranos.

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